Doorbell camera prankster more funny than frightening, but it’s unwanted, Oakwood man says

OAKWOOD — People have some concerns after a teenager pulled a prank using a doorbell camera.

Greg Heinz captured the video, which shows the teen dancing.

It was the second time this guy has showed up at his house in Oakwood.

“I thought maybe my daughter knew him. He was a little older and I thought maybe she knew him from school and I showed her the video,” Heinz said, “and she’s like ‘I have no idea who that is.’”

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Heinz said he knew right away that the person dancing in front of his doorbell was doing it as a prank. But he worried that if this same behavior happened to someone else, it could have a bad outcome.

“I can see people not being entertained by it. People’s reactions are much different, they have weapons in their homes. I would hate to see the kid get hurt in any way,” he said.

Police agree that doing something like this is not a good idea. Also anyone who tries it could be charged with trespassing.

Police said if this happens to you, and you feel unsafe, call 911. Do not confront the person.

Also, file a police report to document the incident and save the video, just in case it happens again.

Heinz said he finds his prankster more funny than frightening, but he hopes that was his last performance.

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