Did USPS text you a link? It’s likely a scam

This holiday season scammers are texting people pretending to be the US Postal Service.

Our news partners at Action News Jax looked into the fake messages and how to avoid them.

The news outlet heard from dozens of people who said they were getting fake messages that looked like they were from the USPS.

“This is a nightmare,” Sean Bertam said.

Most messages will tell you you’ve given USPS the wrong address for a package delivery.

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It will come with a link claiming it’s to confirm your address.

“I’m looking at it like, ‘Am I not going to get what I ordered? Should I click on this?’” Kelly Aldred said.

When Aldred got the message she almost clicked on it.

She blocked the number when she realized it was a scam, but it didn’t stop more texts from coming.

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“You ignore it, then you block it, then they call back from another number, constantly, and it’s like ‘quit calling my phone,’” she said.

USPS has now opened a page on its website to report these scams and find tips to avoid them.

“Unless someone really does something about it, they’re going to keep coming to your phone,” Aldred said.

Action News Jax reached out to USPS to see if the scams are being investigated but has not heard back.

The agency did say it will never send you random text with a link.

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