Storm survey confirms EF1 tornadoes touched down in Clark, Butler Counties Monday

UPDATE @ 6:30 p.m.

The National Service has confirmed that an EF1 tornado touched down in Butler county Monday afternoon.

The tornado first touched down around 2:30 p.m. near Jacksonburg Road and Oxford Middletown Road, where some minor roof and tree damage was reported, according to the NWS.

The heaviest damage happened on Elk Creek Road, where our News Center 7 crew reported a roof was blown off of a home.

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The NWS said they believe winds were at 110 miles per hour at this point.

The tornado traveled a little over 4 miles and ended around 2:40 p.m.

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The tornado that touched down north of New Carlisle Monday was an EF1 tornado, NWS confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

NWS says the tornado appeared to first touch down around 3:19 p.m. at a home on the north side of Ayres Pike, just west of North Dayton-Lakeview Road.

At this home, a softwood tree was uprooted and siding was ripped off a home along with a few shingles.

Damage was also spotted at a residence after crossing Dayton-Lakeview Road, where a barn was completely destroyed and a softwood tree was uprooted, according to NWS. Large branches were also snapped from nearby hardwood trees.

The tornado went northeast over another stretch of open fields before impacting a residential area just west of New Carlisle-St. Paris Rd. and south of Stott Rd. Hardwood trees were uprooted and several large branches were snapped at this location.

The tornado continued northeast through open fields and intensified as it approached the intersection of Stott Rd and Ansbaugh Rd.

Four “well-built” homes suffered minor to moderate roof damage, NWS said. One of the residents had a garage door that caved in at the center.

“This is where EF1 damage was noted due to the severity of roof damage, as well as the garage door collapsing,” according to the damage survey summary.

The last noted damage happened at a residence just north of Ballentine Pike, east of Ansbaugh Rd., where an uprooted hardwood tree fell onto the front porch of the home.

The tornado’s estimated maximum wind speed was 90 to 95 mph with a maximum path length of 300 yards.

The estimated end time of the tornado was 3:21 p.m.

The NWS has also confirmed that an EF0 tornado touched down around 4 p.m. in Pickaway County near Columbus.

We will continue updating this story.

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