DeWine: Heath order restrictions not prompted by state lawmakers

COLUMBUS — When Gov. Mike DeWine stepped back from some of his COVID restrictions Monday he was quick to respond to a reporter’s question about his motivation.

The reporter asked, “Was this influenced by the General Assembly?” His answer was “This does not have anything to do with the General Assembly. This is a decision we would have made without the General Assembly, whatever they pass.”

Lawmakers had been trying to reverse the Governor’s restrictions for the last year, without much luck until recently.

Passage of SB 22, that allows lawmakers to reject health restrictions if they find them unacceptable, was met with a veto from DeWine.

Without delay, lawmakers passed an override, meaning the bill will take effect this summer. A legal challenge of SB22 could still come from DeWine or someone else before it takes effect.

“This is exactly what we said,” DeWine continued during his briefing Monday. “We are trying to be clear. We are trying to get back to basics,” DeWine said.

A bill introduced last month by Rep. Jena Powell, R-Arcanum, would remove the statewide mask mandate. It has yet to receive its first hearing.