DeWine vetoes transgender medical care, sports bill

COLUMBUS — Gov. Mike DeWine has vetoed the controversial House Bill aimed at banning gender-affirming care for minors and blocking transgender student-athletes from practicing in girls’ and women’s sports.

He said he talked to doctors, parents, and children on both sides of this issue before making his final decision.

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DeWine said Friday that passing the bill would “be saying that the state, the government” knows what’s better for youth than their parents.

“Parents are making decisions about the most precious thing in their life, their child, and none of us should underestimate the gravity and difficulty of those decisions,” DeWine said. “These are gut-wrenching decisions that should be made by parents and should be informed by teams of doctors who are advising them.”

While vetoing the bill, he admitted there are issues that need to be addressed.

“I truly believe that we can address a number of goals and House Bill 68 by administrative rules that will have likely a better chance of surviving judicial review and being adopted.,” DeWine said.

He directed state agencies to draft rules around gender-affirming care and bans on gender-reassignment surgeries for those under 18.

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