UD promising to hold students accountable for crowd of hundreds

DAYTON — The hundreds of students gathered in the University of Dayton student neighborhood on Lowes street violated school expectations and COVID-19 protocols, according to university officials.

“Where appropriate, we will be holding them accountable through our disciplinary process,” the school said in a statement to News Center 7.

Saturday’s crowd comes after UD sent a warning to students March 4th about potential consequences for having these types of gatherings.

The guidelines mentioned not having more than 10 people on a lawn or porch and maintaining social distancing and mask wearing. They also told students not to block the sidewalks or streets.

The letter to students listed potential consequences including interim suspension, removal from campus for remote study, suspension for the rest of the semester, and expulsion.

“Because of the seriousness of any violations, disciplinary action will be swifter and more severe than in the past,” school administrators said in the letter.

Saturday, the school also said it will increase Covid testing and isolate those who test positive to help reduce the chance of spread.