UD warns students against large gatherings ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

DAYTON — The University of Dayton is cracking down on parties this St. Patrick’s Day to limit the spread of coronavirus.

News Center 7′s Kayla Courvell spoke with the university ahead of the holiday.

In 2020, UD students were told just days before the holiday that they were being sent home due to the pandemic.

“It was pretty crazy last year,” said UD senior Abby Awald. “We got the email March 10th we had to be out by March 11 by 6 p.m”

Awald said she thinks partying this year will be kept to a minimum due to UD threatening harsh punishments for those not following the rules and COVID-19 guidelines.

“They’ve sent out a lot of emails saying all celebrations should be held responsibly,” said Awald.

In an email sent to students, the university sent the following guidelines:

  • No more than 10 people on your lawn or porch. Everyone must be six feet apart and wearing masks. Games or activities that don’t allow six feet distance are prohibited.
  • No guests. Only you and your roommate(s) are allowed in your residence. No other University students are allowed inside. No guests from outside the University are permitted anywhere on campus. No exceptions.
  • Wear a mask at ALL times, including on your lawns and porches, except in your residence with others who live there.
  • All sidewalks and streets are to remain clear at all times. Obstructing the public right of way could lead to arrest or criminal charges.
  • Follow public safety orders to disperse. If you are ordered to leave an area or a dispersal order is broadcast, you are to go inside your residence and stay there. Do not come out, either on your porch or lawn.
  • Ask for assistance from public safety or housing and residence life to disperse gatherings of more than 10 people or remove unwanted guests, either in your residence or on your lawn.

“Maybe more parties will be better to try to keep more people separate,” Awald said. “I think most people are planning on doing smaller gatherings on their porches so hopefully it stays that way.”

Kayla Courvell

I was born and raised in a small town just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and decided as a child I was going to be a news reporter.