Dayton woman denied FEMA 6 times gets repairs she needs from local roofing company

A Dayton woman who was denied FEMA assistance six times for her roof that was badly damaged by the Memorial Day tornadoes is finally getting the repairs she needs.

Tammie Helgeson has lived under the damaged roof of her Valley Street home for four months, but now she’s getting help from a local roofing company.

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A few weeks ago, News Center 7 Monica Castro told you the story about Helgeson being denied FEMA assistance, but a local contractor saw the story and wanted to help.

“They showed up this morning, a little unannounced, but it was a great way to wake up for me,” Helgeson said. “It’s (the roof) is going to be fixed, it’s going to be fixed by people who took it into their own heart to do something for me. I am grateful.”

Travis Collette, owner of Collette Roofing, knew he needed to help.

“As soon as I clicked on the link and heard Tammie’s story, I just knew we had to help,” he said. “I could tell that she was really in need, she started crying which definitely pulled on my heart strings.”

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Collette said the roof was in bad shape and would have been more of a hazard come winter if it hadn’t been fixed.

“Most certainly there was a lot of damage caused by the tornado. I have no clue why FEMA denied it.”

Helgeson feels grateful for her new roof so she wanted to give thanks the best way she knows how.

“I’ve offered to cook a meal. I would love to feed everyone that is here to show my appreciation.”

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