Dayton officer treated at hospital for suspected fentanyl exposure

DAYTON — A Dayton police officer was treated at a hospital after police say he came in contact with suspected fentanyl while searching his cruiser after an arrest Monday.

According to police, the officer was searching his cruiser after moving a suspect, arrested on suspicion of breaking into vehicles, into a different cruiser, when the suspected fentanyl came into contact with the officer’s face and uniform.

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The officer started becoming pale and was feeling light headed, so he was transported to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment.

The incident was reported around 5 a.m. Monday in the 3000 block of East Fourth Street.

“At this time, I had Officer ... retrieve a dose of Narcan as a precaution to have close at hand,” the police report reads. “Officer ... was was beginning to pale in his face, and his speech became more forced that I have experienced in talking to him. He stated that he was feeling very lightheaded and that feeling had occurred seconds after the white powder hit his face.”

The officer is out of the hospital and not expected to miss any work.

Police said they suspect their officers have come into contact with fentanyl before, however this is the first time an officer has shown ill effects.

The suspect the officer was arresting is Dewayne T. Kinder, 40, on charges of tampering with evidence, theft, possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools, according to the police report.

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