Dayton Mayor Jeff Mims gives first State of the City address

DAYTON — New Dayton Mayor Jeff Mims has only been in office at City Hall for 37 days, but he made his initial State of the City address to tell people what his priorities are for moving the city forward.

Mims moved the typical Wednesday morning city commission meeting to the downtown library to allow hundreds of guests to listen to his thoughts on where the city should go.

>> Jeffrey Mims, Jr. officially new mayor of Dayton

He also spoke about where residents feel the city should spend its money.

“More than anything, they are concerned with how the demolitions are handled, that is the number one issue,” Mims said.

Mims also echoed how the city plans to spend $15 million of American Rescue Plan money over the next three years to take down a thousand abandoned and nuisance buildings and improve neighborhoods.

The citizens also have made it clear on the streets and in city surveys that they want police reform efforts to continue.

A traffic stop by Dayton police that included pulling a handicapped man out of his car fanned differences first demonstrated after the death of George Floyd.

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The mayor made it clear he will push for continued police reform, and with a new police chief, for improved community police relations.

“Make sure each and every citizen in this community feels safe.” Mims said.

The mayor also wanted to highlight areas that he believes the city is already having success in, such as attracting new jobs and employers.

One recent example is this ground-breaking by the Sierra Nevada company near the airport.

>> New aircraft maintenance facilities at Dayton International Airport to create 150 new jobs

It will bring 150 new jobs at the aircraft repairing and overhaul facility.

Mims believes its one more reason the future is bright for young job-seeker, and the community as a whole, in Dayton.

“The pathway is here in Dayton, the pathway is increasing with more and more job opportunities,” Mims said.

The downtown block that the Arcade Complex sits in has been completely revitalized and Mayor Mims said he wants to keep that momentum going across downtown and across the city in order to bring more jobs and keep young workers.

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