COVID-19 vaccinations set to be delivered to area health providers today for young children

DAYTON — Today COVID-19 vaccines for kids as young as six months old are being delivered to Ohio.

Over the weekend, the FDA and CDC signed off on the vaccine made for kids six months to five years old.

That account for almost 20 million additional children who are now eligible for the shots.

>>Area health providers preparing to distribute COVID-19 vaccines for very young children

However, Moderna and Pfizer are the only two brands of vaccines available for this age range.

News Center 7′s Dontre Drexelius spoke with Michael Klatte, Chief of Infectious Disease at Dayton Children’s, about what these vaccines mean.

“They are the last group that to date hasn’t been eligible for vaccinations. In terms of severe illness, they are perhaps at lower risk for severe illness and death compared to a number of the other age groups. But given how frequently children are in settings where they can carry and spread infections, this is definitely a welcome thing,” said Klatte.

Neither the FDA nor the CDC has approved booster shots at this time.

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