Coronavirus: Oakwood family in California working to get home after statewide lockdown

OAKWOOD — An Oakwood family could be stranded in California after the state governor issued a stay-at-home order that restricted non-essential travel.

The Ferrara family left two weeks ago for their Disney cruise, before the public knew that this virus would turn into a pandemic.

Their cruise skipped stops in various ports amid reports of coronavirus cases on shore.

No one has left the ship since the 9th of March, over a week ago.

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“Everybody is really apprehensive what it is like, because we have not encountered anything.” said Kacy Ferrara. “As the trip drew to a close, we started to wonder if  we would could get home, reserving cars, afraid of airlines being shut down.”

The Ferrara’s said they met other families form Ohio and are looking to combine resources to get home.

After News Center 7’s James Brown spoke about the Ferrara family on a Facebook Live, the former Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association’s leader, Bryan Bucklew reached about with insight.

Bucklew now holds this same job in California.

He said that the new order prohibits people from gathering in groups, but they are still able to go outside, walk their dogs.

Bucklew believes the Ferrara family will have no trouble getting back home to Oakwood.

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