Controversial political comment included in West Liberty Salem Spanish assignment

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — A Champaign County school district at the center of a controversial political opinion included as part of a Spanish class assignment says “the incident was addressed internally with the teacher."

A Spanish 2 class at the school was assigned a list of fill-in-the-blank questions Oct. 7 that included a question, where the answer described President Donald Trump as being selfish, according to a Facebook post shared by a parent. The district said the assignment was not graded.

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The district said it became aware of the issue Wednesday.

“The teacher issued a public apology to her students and explained why the statement, although not meant to offend, but generate discussion and a reaction from the students, was wrong,” the district said in a statement. “The West Liberty-Salem Schools want to be very clear that we do not condone, support or endorse the statements made in this assignment.”

The district said its also reiterated to our staff the importance of keeping personal beliefs, political opinions, and other topics of controversy out of the academic setting.

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