Cincinnati Shooting: Kettering woman had family inside building

CINCINNATI — A Kettering woman’s son-in-law was working inside the Fifth Third Center in downtown Cincinnati Thursday, when a gunman opened fire killing three people and injuring others before police shot him.

“It just sounded like somebody dropped some scaffolding at first,” the son-in-law said while talking to his mother-in-law Anne Dale on the phone Thursday.  “One of our trust officers was down there and the gunman shot at him twice but missed him.”

Dale said she didn’t find out about the shooting right away, but said her son-in-law is safe and he was still inside the building during the shooting.

“It was really scary,” Dale said. “He said they killed the bad guy, but I don’t know all the details.”

Dale said her daughter also was working in a nearby building and is also safe.

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