No charges in fatal shooting of dog, and his owner is upset about it

The owner of an American Staffordshire Terrier is upset because no charges were pursued in the fatal shooting of 9-year-old Boi Boi on Mother's Day.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's incident report of the incident offers no explanation as to why no charges were pursued or filed against the neighbor who fired the fatal shot, and that's not sitting well with Boi Boi's owner, John Johnson Jr. of Harrison Twp.

Johnson told sheriff's investigators he saw no one outside when he let Boi Boi out to relieve himself.

He told News Center 7's Mike Campbell on Wednesday afternoon he believes the neighbor went in to get a gun after seeing the dog out.

"He went in, came out, shot my dog, went back in the house and buttoned up," Johnson told Campbell.

The neighbor -- who is not being identified by name because no charges were filed -- told sheriff's investigators he fired one shot from his .40-caliber handgun in the direction of the dog to scare it away and not to hit it. The neighbor told authorities he didn't realize he had wounded the dog.

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Investigators did find the shell casing near the patio, where the neighbor said he fired the shot.

Johnson, not seeing his dog, called for him. When Boi Boi returned, Johnson said he noticed blood. He took his pet to a vet and was told the bullet tore through the dog's liver and intestines. Surgery was no guarantee Boi Boi would survive, Johnson said he was told, so he and his family had the dog put down.

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According to the sheriff's report, Johnson "did not have the dog on a leash and there is a large section of the yard that is not fenced in. There would be no offense to file charges on."

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