Mosquitoes captured in Centerville park test positive for West Nile Virus

CENTERVILLE — A Centerville park will participate in mosquito spraying after a sample tested positive for West Nile Virus, according to a release.

Spraying will take place at Iron Horse Park on Aug. 21 between dusk and midnight, according to the City of Centerville.

The spraying will be in the Marshall and East Whipp roads area.

The city is contracting with Public Health-Dayton and Montgomery County for an ultra-low volume truck-mounted spraying, according to a press release.

People and pets can be outside during the spraying.

There are no re-entry restrictions and area residents do not need to close windows or take precautions with air conditioning units, read the release.

The spray fog will dissipate in five to 30 minutes.

While spraying will help control the mosquito population, it will not kill all mosquitoes in the area.

To minimize risk, residents should eliminate any standing water on their property and use EPA-approved mosquito repellents.

People should also wear long sleeve shirts and pants and use perfume and cologne sparingly.

Residents should keep trash cans covered at all times and change water in birdbaths, wading pools and plant pots on a weekly basis.

The infected mosquito was one of 16 positive test results by Public Health.

For more information, visit www.phdmc.org or contact Public Health-Dayton and Montgomery County at 937-225-4362 or the City of Centerville at 937-433-7151.

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