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CBD oil, sold for years locally, now illegal in Ohio

Stores in the Dayton area have been selling a product for years that a state board has now ruled illegal.

CBD oil is considered marijuana under the new medical marijuana program.

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Businesses are selling off their supplies.

The sign on the counter at Smokers Plus says “Final sales - all CBD now 10 percent off.”

Owner Rabi Ahmad said he’s trying to get rid of what he has in stock.

“I think this is a leading product. Within one or two years, this product has become so popular,” he said.

Cannabidiol oil comes from hemp or marijuana. The oil does not contain THC — the chemical in marijuana that gets people high. Some people use CBD oil to relieve pain associated with chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

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Ahmad said his mother uses it to relieve pain and help her sleep.

“Senior citizens mostly buy the CBD. The young kids, they don’t buy CBD at all,” he said.

Recently, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy decided that all marijuana products, including CBD oil, can only be sold in a licensed medical marijuana control program dispensary. All products must have a known source, as well as known quantities of active ingredients.

Ahmad said he understands the state board wanting to regulate the contents of these products. But he worries the state is just trying to make the money that was going to small businesses like his.

“The prices, if they’re going to skyrocket, are going to hurt customers’ pockets,” he said.

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Ohio’s medical marijuana program was supposed to start Sept. 8. There eventually will be 56 dispensaries across the state, but none are open yet.

The board of pharmacy said anyone found with CBD oil could face criminal charges. However, for right now, the board said it is focused on education rather than pursuing criminal charges against people or businesses.

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