Carillon Park announces names of Orv and Willa’s triplets

DAYTON — We can now put names to the three eaglets at Carillon Historical Park.

At the end of March, three eggs in Orv and Willa’s nest hatched. Today, the park announced the three names for the eaglets.

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After receiving 600 submission of name suggestions, park officials narrowed the list down to 10 before choosing the final three.: Ace, Glider, and Aerial.

The names are non-gender specific because, at this age, the only way to figure out an eagle’s gender is with a blood test. Historically, names of the eaglets at the park are flight-themed.

Bald Eagle expert Jim Weller told News Center 7 that it was nice to have names for the eaglets, which were previously called “one, two, and three.”

Weller said today that as the babies start to leave the nest, the names will be assigned to each eaglet in alphabetical order.

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“What we’ll do as they fly from the nest, we’ll look for an identifying patch on that bird. Typically a bit white patch under one wing that the others don’t have,” Weller said. “Something that we can know repeatedly and know it’s the same bird.”

Currently, each eaglet has a wingspan of about six or seven feet. Weller said that after about two weeks of exercising, the eaglets will fledge around the third week of June.

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