Butler HS senior gets national attention for football play

VANDALIA — A Butler High School senior is soaking up some of the most incredible moments of his life.

News Center 7′s James Rider shows us why one touchdown catch has made Luke Mitchell a very popular guy in school.

Mitchell is used to making plays on Friday nights, but he never imagined that on Monday night one of his highlights would make it on national television.

Mitchell said, “Monday night I was at a concert and my phone was ringing non-stop. I had like 20 texts, couple of phone calls. I couldn’t answer because I was at a concert.”

That’s when he saw the clip air on ESPN.

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“Back to Friday Night Lights. Butler High School vs. West Carrollton. Luke Mitchell goes up over three defenders. Hey number 12 Luke Mitchell, man I don’t’ know if you’re a quarterback, but the number look like you are. But you skied over three dudes.”

Mitchell said, “I didn’t even know what to feel like. It’s crazy.”

He might not know how to describe something that for the most part is indescribable, but he remembers that play that’s now famous.

“We were at the 10-yard line to score. Quarterback gave me a chance to go up and get the ball and I did. I didn’t know there were people around me.” Mitchell said.

News Center 7′s James Rider said he grew up watching Randy Moss set NFL records and many of us remember that plays that made the phrase “You Got Mossed” a thing. But, for high schoolers like Mitchell, this is a reason to learn more about a legend that last played in 2012.

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Mitchell said, “He was playing when I was younger. I didn’t get to watch him a ton. All I know is he was one of the best receivers of all time while watching highlights on YouTube, talking to coaches about him and everything. He was the best receiver of all time.”

For being the No. 1 play on “You Got Mossed,” Mitchell got something else that will have a special place to help him remember this incredible moment.

“Mr. Luke Mitchell. Guess what, they coming to you. They coming to you. You got Mossed. Hey Mr. Luke Mitchell way to keep playing boy going to get that ball. Gloves coming your way Mr. Mitchell. Keep it up young fella.”

Mitchell said, “When they came in, my mom said I got a package. It said ESPN on them. It was like ‘is this real.;” Then, I saw the signed gloves.”

Mitchell said all of this has given him a boost of confidence, but not to the point of being overconfident. Butler High School is continuing its season, The Aviators have their last home gas of the season this Friday when they host Greenville.

James Rider

James Rider

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