FBI investigation into Oregon District Mass Shooting closed

DAYTON — The Dayton Police Department and FBI have closed the 26-month investigation into the the deadly mass shooting in the Oregon District where nine people were killed and 27 others were hurt.

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“This city will not be defined by one horrible event, instead we were able to define what it means to come together and be Dayton Strong,” said Interim Dayton Police Chief Matt Carper. “We are thankful for our resilient community, which stepped up and offered to help in the healing process in whatever ways they were able.”

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On August 4, 2019, a gunman opened fire on East Fifth Street in the busy entertainment district. In the 32 seconds before police killed him, he shot dozens of people. Nine of the victims, including the shooter’s sister, were killed by the gunfire.

“These victims and their families will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. I would like to personally thank the officers who took immediate action to stop the violence, undoubtedly preventing further injury and loss of life on a scale that is tough to consider,” Carper said.

The FBI said through its investigation it determined shooter Connor Betts “acted alone and was not directed by any organization or aligned to any specific ideological group.”

During the investigation the FBI and Dayton Police Department did over 125 interviews in multiple states. The agencies also reviewed over 950 surveillance videos with over 400 hours of footage.

Part of the investigation also involved a comprehensive analysis of electronic devices, social media content and other evidence, the FBI said.

FBI investigators said Betts “likely violated federal law by lying about his drug use in early 2019 when he purchased the firearm used in the attack.”

“The additional firearm parts, body armor, and 100-round magazine used in the attack were acquired on open market internet sites with the assistance of a known associate,” the FBI said.

That associate was identified as Ethan Kollie, who is currently serving a 32-month prison sentence at a federal prison in Morgantown, West Virginia. He was convicted for illegally possessing certain firearms, including temporarily possessing the one involved in the Oregon District attack. Kollie also lied on federal firearms transaction records.

News Center 7 is working to get copies of all of the federal and local investigation documents now that the case has been closed.

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