BODY CAM: Horse pulled from icy water in dramatic Greene County rescue

XENIA TWP., Greene County — Neighbors, firefighters and deputies worked together to free a horse after she feel through it on a farm in Xenia Twp. last week.

Dramatic body camera footage obtained by News Center 7 shows the group of about a half dozen people helping free the horse from the ice during the nearly 20 minute rescue.

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Rescue workers were able to wrap the horse, whose name is Lacy, with blankets prior to standing her up.

The rescue happened off Nash Road on Feb. 11 around 3:30 p.m.

After a short walk to a nearby barn, a space heater was turned on to help warm Lacy up once she was safe.

The horse’s owner told deputies she had left for the store when the horse became trapped in the icy water.

She estimated the horse could have been trapped for as long as an hour-and-a-half.

The owner said she got the horse in October and was concerned, because the horse has a history of heart murmurs.

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