Bird rescued after cage found abandoned in a dumpster

An abandoned bird found hope Monday night despite being left in a dumpster and locked in a cage.

The bird’s rescuers found her outside of their complex and brought her inside to give her food and water.

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Francis Kennels, located on Lower Bellbrook Road outside of Xenia, shared the bird’s rescue story in a Facebook post late Tuesday morning explaining that the rescuers were clients of their facility.

The people who found the abandoned pet took her to Francis Kennels the next morning where she was able to get her cage cleaned and even a few top feathers scratched.

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“It’s a shame we still live in a world where people treat living beings as disposable,” Francis Kennels said in its post.

The bird was taken to the Sugarcreek Bird Farm, where they were willing to make sure she is healthy and finds a forever home, the Facebook post said.

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