Bethel teachers will continue to work despite no contract

Bethel Local Schools teachers will start the school year teaching in their classrooms, despite not having a contract, according to a spokesperson with the teacher’s association.

According to a post on the Bethel Education Association, teachers are not planning to participate in volunteer activities or events due to not having a contract, which would include the scheduled open house for the high school on Aug. 28.

While teachers will not be participating in the open house, they will be outside the school for parents to meet their student’s teachers.

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The superintendent for the district said she’s excited for everyone to be returning to the classroom, but said there are still contract issues.

“Although there are tough issues at the negotiation table as it relates to money, I know that both sides are working diligently to resolve them,” Virginia Potter said in a statement. “We have outstanding teachers and staff along with a dedicated board whose main focus has always been the students!”

News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy is looking into the issues on both sides of the table and will have the complete details Tuesday on News Center 7 beginning at 5.

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