Bengals play part of legal sports betting in Ohio for Sunday’s conference championship games

DAYTON — Plenty of people bet on Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs with legal sports betting now in Ohio.

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News Center 7′s John Bedell got a sense of how much money Ohioans wagered Sunday and how the Bengals playoff run impacted business.

This was tens of millions of dollars just for Sunday.

One company, Fanduel, spoke with Bedell Monday and they operate mobile sports betting in 18 states.

Sunday was a big betting day with the NFL’s conference championship games. Ohio was Fanduel’s second biggest state in terms of number of customers and dollar amount wagered.

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Bedell says legal sports bettering has only been around for 30 days here in Ohio and here’s how popular it’s become already.

Karol Corcoran, the general manager for FanDuel Sportsbook, says he can’t share specific numbers since the data is not public yet. He did tell Bedell their customers in Ohio wagered tens of millions of dollars on Sunday alone.

88% of FanDuel’s customers here in Ohio Sunday made some sort of wager on the Bengals-Chiefs AFC Title game.

Bedell asked how the Bengals playoff run during the first month of legal sports betting here in Ohio has impacted business.

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“It’s been a big boost,” said Corcoran. “Like if again, I look at yesterday’s numbers. Of all the customers we had on the platform yesterday in Ohio, almost 88% of them bet on that game. So it’s, you know, and that rang true any time the Bengals or the Browns before they were eliminated -- it was the case. So it’s the content is a huge draw of new customers and then gets existing customers playing. So a big part of, I think, our success and the category success. So that the Bengals was a big part of it.”

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has the regulatory oversight for the sports betting in our state. They told Bedell they will release sports betting revenue numbers for January at the end of next month.

News Center 7 will let you know what that data shows.

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