Bellbrook deadly shooting: Evidence collection continues in homicide investigation

One taken to hospital after shooting in Bellbrook

BELLBROOK — Bellbrook police said they are continuing to collect evidence in the city’s deadly shooting case on North Regent Park Drive.

Officers responded to the 1900 block of North Regent Park on Nov. 28, after a woman said she shot a man at the house.

>> ‘I have an intruder,’ woman says she shot man in deadly Bellbrook shooting

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“I have an intruder, my child’s father, and he’s shot,” the woman said when she called 911. “He just walked in my front door. I was sitting in the garage smoking a cigarette.”

No arrests and no charges have happened in the investigation, which police said Tuesday is continuing a month after the shooting.

Andre Evans, 40, of Dayton, was taken to Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, where he died from his injuries about an hour after the shooting, records show. He was shot multiple times and his death was ruled a homicide.

“Evans knew people at the Bellbrook home and this incident does not pose an ongoing danger to the public,” Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty said.

Records show police did tow a vehicle from the home, however it was not immediately clear how that vehicle was involved.

In Ohio, residents are allowed to use deadly force to defend their home. The law, known as the Castle Doctrine, presumes that someone acted in self-defense when they used deadly force against someone who unlawfully entered their residence.

Bellbrook police have not said if the Castle Doctrine is in play in this case.

Last fall, a new law made several changes to Ohio gun laws, which included a new provision that shifts the burden of proof in self-defense cases from the defense to the prosecution. The change requires prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person who used deadly force did not do so in self-defense, defense of another or defense of the person’s residence.