Beavercreek Dentist gives back despite COVID setbacks

BEAVERCREEK — A Beavercreek dentist is giving back to charity in a time when non-profits are seeing revenue decrease.

Dr. Ron Roddy normally hosts a large fundraising concert as part of his giving to the charity For Love of Children (FLOC). Last year “WoodFLOC Music Festival” raised nearly $300,000.

This year they aren’t able to hold the festival because of the pandemic. Ron and his wife Tammy were trying to figure out how they could still give back and support their chosen charity.

From now until December 1st Roddy is offering professional teeth whitening and take home whitening kits at a significant discount with all of that money going to FLOC.

“We see this as our opportunity to help in a twofold fashion, first we can give our patients, friends, neighbors the opportunity to brighten their smile and give kids a smile at the same time,” Roddy said.

FLOC is a local completely volunteer based charity which means every dollar donated go towards serving underprivileged children. Last year alone they helped more than 2,600 kids.

The Roddy family had donated to several charities but for the past decade FLOC has been their charity of choice.

“We wanted to teach our 8 kids the value and the benefit of giving,” Roddy said. “That has grown exponentially over the years to the point where we’ve been able to family events, office events, and community events for For Love of Children.”

The biggest event for FLOC is Christmas for Kids. The Toy Cottage is filled with toys to give to children.

The professional whitening is $280 or Opalescence GO individual use trays will also be discounted to half price, $40.50.

To schedule an appointment for teeth whitening or to get a take home kit go to roddydental.com. For more information on how to donate or information on For Love of Children go to flocdayton.org.

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