Bat captured in Miami County tests positive for rabies after biting person

MIAMI COUNTY — Health officials have confirmed a bat captured in Miami County tested positive for rabies after it bit a person.

Miami County Public Health says it was informed of the positive test on Wednesday.

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According to Public Health, the bat had bitten a person in the county over the previous weekend.  In response to the bite, the bat was sent to the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory to be tested for rabies and a positive result was confirmed.

The person bitten began post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) (rabies shots) in a timely manner, Public Health said.

Miami County last had a confirmed case of rabies in an animal in 2015, according to Public Health.

Miami County Public Health released the following tips for preventing the transmission of rabies:

  • Leave all wildlife alone
  • Know the risk: contact with infected bats is the leading cause of rabies deaths
  • Wash animal bites or scratches immediately with soap and water
  • If you are bitten, scratched or unsure, talk to a healthcare provider about whether you need postexposure prophylaxis. Rabies in people is 100% preventable through prompt medical attention.
  • Vaccinate  your pets to protect them and your family.

For more information on rabies, you can click here.

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