Area family racing to find remedy for broken air conditioning as heatwave approaches

NEW CARLISLE — A New Carlisle couple is racing the clock to get the air conditioning working in their mobile home before an expected heatwave reaches the Miami Valley.

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Kayla Merlau reached out to News Center 7 for help after she has tried for three weeks to get the attention of management about the air conditioning, which hasn’t worked since she, her husband and their two children moved in months ago.

“We have two young kids living here, we have a five year old and we have a one year old so we cant keep going without A/C,” she said Wednesday night.

Her children are struggling, she said.

“My one year old will not sleep. He does not sleep well and he we have to have a fan going in his room. . . . He does not do well in the heat. All pink face, just not like, he’s miserable.”

Merlau said that when they moved in, management told them the air conditioning would be repaired by June 5.

News Center 7 visited the management office to get answers, but it was closed. A phone call went unanswered.

Merlau said the family has spent about $200 for window air-conditioning units, but with temperatures expected to reach into the 90s this weekend, Merlau said she doesn’t think she can keep her children in a home with no air conditioning.

“I don’t want them to be like, suffering,” she said.

Wednesday night, News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson recorded a temperature of 79 degrees in the mobile home.

Merlau said the family has been spending time at a neighbor’s home to cool off.

If your home is without air conditioning, you can:

* Close the blinds to block the sun

* Open windows at night

* Use box fans to circulate the air. Placing a bucket of ice in front of a fan will create a cooling mist.

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