30+ animals rescued from ‘deplorable’ Middletown home; 2 people facing animal cruelty charges

MIDDLETOWN — Over 30 animals, including dogs, ducks, and a cat were rescued from a Middletown home this week.

Middletown Police obtained a search warrant for a home on Hill Avenue. Our news partners at WCPO in Cincinnati reported that police had received complaints of drug use and drug trafficking at the home.

>> PHOTOS: 30+ animals rescued from ‘deplorable’ Middletown home

The home also had a homeless encampment in the backyard.

When police decided the home would need to be condemned, they called Middletown Animal Control who then called the Animal Friends Humane Society for help getting the animals, according to the organization.

The humane society came and helped rescue 31 dogs, two ducks, and a cat.

“Ducks are going to rescue and all other animals are being sorted for us [to] decide who would do best in adoption, foster homes, or rescue,” the humane society shared on social media. “NONE of these dogs are available for adoption right now. They deserve time to decompress and learn how to exist outside of filth.”

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The organization shared photos of some of the animals online. They also share photos of the home, which police described as “deplorable” and “unfit for habitation.”

Five people were arrested from the property, including three for only drug-related charges. Two others, Kenneth Currey and Morgan R. Marshall, were charged with cruelty to animals, according to Middletown Municipal Court records.

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