Bellbrook HS principal: 2 students disciplined for ‘racially discriminatory sign’ on water fountain

BELLBROOK — Two Bellbrook High School students face discipline after “an inappropriate and racially discriminatory sign” was posted to a school water fountain.

Principal Dave Hann sent a letter to parents about the sign, which he said was found Monday morning and was removed by staff after it had been posted for about five minutes.

The word “colored” was hand-written in capital letters on a piece of paper ripped from a notebook and attached with a piece of masking tape to the water fountain, an image sent by multiple people to this news outlet shows.

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Administrators determined that two students, one white and one black, placed the sign on the water fountain as a “joke,” Hann’s letter stated.

Both students were immediately “given disciplinary consequences,” but Hann did not specify what measures were taken.

“The behavior and actions demonstrated by these two students today is never appropriate or funny and will not be tolerated at Bellbrook High School,” Hann wrote.

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