Little Miami River Watershed Network to host a different kind of cleanup day

The Little Miami River Watershed Network hosts a cleanup day ever year to collect trash from the Little Miami River, but this year is different.

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Rather than having one day for the cleanup, the network has asked for volunteers to go out on their own.

About 300 people signup for the event each year. The event has had 150 people signed up to participate this year.

The cleanup typically spans about 25 miles of the river primarily in Greene County.

People use 83 percent of the water in the Little Miami aquifer, said Hope Taft, chair and co-founder of the Little Miami Watershed Network.

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Any pollution that seeps into the ground and soaks into the water goes into the aquifer and is then reused by people.

The Watershed Network has taken over 12 tons of trash and 900 tires out of the river since it started its cleanup in 2010.

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James Rider

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