Hara Arena deterioration shown in new video

TROTWOOD — New video from a man who entered Hara Arena to show how it looks now has hit the Internet, and city leaders say it’s not the first time someone has entered the since-closed venue.

News Center 7’s Malik Perkins spoke with city leaders about what they are doing to secure the building.

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Multiple instances have been reported of people entering the Hara Arena, despite it being closed. The city would like to secure the site and develop the land, but have hit a number of issues in the process.

The YouTube video from a user whom calls himself a “local explorer,” shows disrepair and deteriorating conditions inside over the last two years.

“We are limited as to what we can do on the fire front and police front because it is private property,” said Fred Burkardt with Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation.

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Hara Arena is currently in foreclosure with PNC Bank. There are hundreds of code violations and multiple parcels of land, which has slowed redevelopment.

“There is also about $1 million worth of tax liens that have to be settled when the property changes hands,” Burkardt said.

The city has been setting up a meeting with PNC Bank to discuss securing the property.

Trotwood resident Elveria Golsby said: “I would like to see something become of that building instead of just sitting there like so many buildings in Trotwood.”

This news outlet did attempt to get comment from PNC Bank.

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