Man arrested in shooting death of 17-year-old Dayton girl had been booked in jail 15 times

Trendell Goodwin, 28, was arrested on Tuesday after the shooting of his former girlfriend, 17-year-old LaShonda Childs.

Childs later died from her injuries. Police and court records showed Goodwin had been booked into the Montgomery County Jail about 15 times before.

Here’s what we’re learning about Goodwin:

Family says Goodwin told Childs he was younger

Nina Childs, LaShonda’s mother, said Goodwin initially told her daughter that he was 20, not in his late 20s, around September 2017. Childs said her daughter first tried to get away from Goodwin a couple of months after that.

Police reports indicate he had made threats before

On Sept. 22, 2018, a woman told Dayton police that a “Trenny Mack” on Facebook threatened to kill her after she suggested he get help but that she didn’t wish to pursue charges. The woman also said she knew Childs’ name.

The officer wrote he deduced it was Goodwin and knew about his issues with an ex-girlfriend. A week earlier, the same Dayton officer responded to a Sept. 15 complaint about shots fired into a residence on North Upland.

Served a shortened sentence for hitting, biting Childs

On Feb. 19, 2018, Goodwin was arrested after Childs told police he hit her in the face and bit her left shoulder during an argument about text messages involving another woman.

Goodwin was arrested that day. Dayton Municipal Court and jail records show he served 19 days of a 180-day sentence for misdemeanor assault. Goodwin also was ordered not to have contact with Childs, received home detention and was ordered to receive counseling.

More than a dozen bookings in jail

Goodwin has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail about 15 times for various offenses starting in 2011. Most cases were not prosecuted, according to jail records.

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