Coronavirus: Community comes through, helping seniors with pet needs during quarantine

“Ask and you shall receive.”

People are responding to requests for donations of dog and cat food for senior citizens in the Miami Valley who receive Meals on Wheels.

On Monday, the Senior Resource Connection asked for donations of pet food because the agency was not able to reach its usual donors and its shelves were empty

Director of Nutrition Sharon Howard said today donations started coming in yesterday.

“We were thrilled to death. We got six large bags of dog food and six large bags of cat food.”

The SRC’s Meals on Wheels program delivers meals to 1400 home-bound seniors in a nine county area.

As part of the program, Howard said drivers also deliver pet food every other week“ so the senior doesn’t have to spend that money on pet food.”

She said the main concern of seniors right now is contact with those delivering the food.

“If the client has a problem, we make the delivery, step off the porch, let them get the meal, make sure they get it, we see that they are okay, and continue on.”

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