Dayton Public Schools’ new program set to offer classes for non-ESL students

DAYTON — The Dayton Public School District announced the opening of a new Montessori Program for non-ESL students.

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The Montessori Program will be open at the International School at Residence Park starting next school year.

It will be offered to students who do not speak English as a second language.

Students in PreK through sixth grade can enroll in the program with students in the Residence Park area being priority.

The Montessori education’s classrooms are comprised of multi-age groupings, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Classrooms are organized by age with 3-years-old to 6-years-old as one grouping, 6-years-old to 9-years-old as another, and 9-years-old to 12-years-old as the last.

The Montessori Program aims to educate students through hands-on methods and encourages them to think critically, according to a release from Dayton Public School officials.

Parents who are interested should complete the Montessori Program interest form on DPS’s website.

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