Dayton Gets Real from News Center 7

We’re living in times when the need for tough conversations and the acceptance of diverse opinions are critical. Sometimes, the differences seem so great that it feels impossible to have an honest dialogue about important stories that matter in our community. That’s why News Center 7 has launched “Dayton Gets Real.”

The team at News Center 7 is digging into the important issues that impact you and our community. With issues ranging from police reform to poverty, racism, and education, our goal is not to shy away from these difficult topics; instead, we are working with the community to enable discussions that bring us closer to resolution and common ground.

Every day, we commit to bring you the stories that matter most, with a promise to be fair and unbiased, giving voice to all sides of the day’s issue. We cover the entire Miami Valley, not just a few communities, and we work hard to ensure all voices are heard so you hear from a diverse number of people and viewpoints. We’re committed to providing a platform for important stories that matter to you, and to amplify the oftentimes marginalized voices in our community. Everyone deserves to be heard.

Look for these important stories on News Center 7 today, tomorrow and every day—Dayton Gets Real.

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