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‘It’s just not something you expect here;’ Neighbor’s reaction to Clark Co. Sheriff’s Deputy death

CLARK COUNTY — One mobile home park resident, Bill Sharpe, shared live on Facebook video of what happened Sunday afternoon in an officer-involved shooting at the Harmony Estates Mobile Home Park, Sunday morning that killed Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Yates.

>>UPDATE: Sheriff’s deputy dies from injuries after being shot at Clark County mobile home park

Sharpe had a closer look while the media was pushed back and could not see what was happening.

“It’s been pretty wild,” Sharpe told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis.

On social media, he captured video of gunfire and started moving back because in his words, “they were starting to get closer.”

He also shared video of black smoke coming from the shooter’s trailer.

>>‘A total surprise;’ Locals react after officer-involved shooting at Clark Co. mobile home park

Sharpe told Lewis that residents were trapped and could not go anywhere.

“The roads were completely blocked,” he said. “They weren’t letting anybody who lived here in, they were all sitting down on the road on Route 40.”

Sharpe lives a few blocks over from the trailer and when he got closer, he saw a trailer almost burned to the ground.

>>PHOTOS: Officers involved in shooting at Clark County mobile home park Sunday

He said this is normally a quiet neighborhood.

“Everybody knows everybody,” he said. “We hang out in the evenings, talk with all our neighbors. It’s just not something you expect here.”

Sharpe told Lewis that he is thinking of Deputy Yates’ family.

“My heart goes out to them,” he said, ”it’s shame something like this had to happen.”

Sharpe said he did not know the shooter but saw that person from time to time in the area.

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