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WATCH: Dash cam captures teens’ body slam into windshield in Miamisburg

MIAMISBURG — A 20-year-old man was startled Friday night to find a large spot on his Volkswagen’s windshield where it was shattered.

While Jeremy Singleton was watching spy thriller “Red Sparrow” at the Rave Cinemas Dayton South 16, his car’s discreet camera secretly recorded the vandals in the act.

It showed a group of teens walking through the parking lot, and two of them jump up and slam into his car around 7:50 p.m.

“I honestly think it’s just a really weird coincidence that out of all the cars in the parking lot they managed to pick one that had a dash cam that was recording,” Singleton said.

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So far one teen was arrested and likely faces criminal damaging charges, Miamisburg police Sgt. Josiah Keefer said.

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Singleton said he was told by the movie theater management that the teens may have been part of a group of youths who were disruptive and were asked to leave a different movie.

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