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Woman’s sentence unchanged in police chase that killed Lebanon Realtor

DAYTON — A Dayton woman’s sentence will stay the same in a police chase that resulted in the death of a Lebanon Realtor.

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Alyssa Irwin-Debraux, now 20, was moved from the Ohio Reformatory for Women Friday afternoon — where she was serving a 13-year sentence — to the jail ahead of her hearing Monday before Judge Michael Krumholtz in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Krumholtz sentenced Irwin-Debraux in February 2019 after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, failure to comply with an order or signal or a police officer and grand theft of a motor vehicle. The charges were in connection to the Sept. 11, 2018, Moraine police pursuit that resulted in the death of Lebanon Realtor Mary Taulbee, whose car was struck during the chase.

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Krumholtz sentenced her to serve 11 years on the manslaughter charge and 18 months each on the other charges back-to-back-to-back instead of at the same time.

Irwin-Debraux appealed, arguing the judge didn’t follow the procedure laid out in state law and that the sentence she received was “cruel and unusual.”

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The appeals court found the trial judge needed to take a revised code into consideration before sentencing to her serve the terms consecutively.

Krumholtz gave Irwin-Debraux the same sentence during the resentencing Monday afternoon.

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