Another son of man charged in 10-year-old’s death complained about punishment, report says

DAYTON — When a runaway child was found in 2016, he told Dayton police his father had required him to hold a heavy book bag and do squats as punishment for misbehavior. Now, the father is charged in connection with abuse of a second son who died this month at the age of 10.

The Dayton Daily News and News Center 7 obtained a 2016 police report that said a son of Al-Mutahan McLean ran away from their Kensington Drive home.

McLean and two women are now charged in connection to the death of a different child, Takoda Collins. Police say Collins suffered “extreme abuse” including having been locked naked in a dark attic, beaten and made to stand cross-legged and bent over for an extended amount of time.

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Collins had bruising on his head, cuts all over his body and other signs of injuries, court documents say.

The 2016 records obtain by the Daily News show Dayton police investigated a different child running away from McLean’s home. The report says McLean alerted police that his 9-year-old child was missing. The child had recently relocated to McLean’s home because of behavioral problems while living with his mother, the report says, and that the child had an incident at school where he was disrespectful to his teacher.

The police report said the child could have ADHD and be autistic.

When officers located the boy, he told police he wanted move back with his mother.

“(The boy) advised that he ran away from his residence due to being punished for an incident that occurred at school,” the report says. “He stated that he was having trouble with math problems and had refused to complete the work. (The boy) stated that he told his teacher he wasn’t going to do the work.”

“(The boy) stated that his father punished him by having him hold a book bag that had been filled with books,” the report says. “He stated that he had to hold the bag and complete squats.”

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When McLean arrived at the scene, he told police that the boy’s punishment was to stand in a corner.

The child also told police that McLean watched the children with cameras inside and outside the home. McLean told police the cameras were for show and didn’t record.

The report says the officer contacted Montgomery County Children’s Services and made contact with a woman who works there.

“I relayed to her the incident that had occurred on this date and the statements that were made to us by all parties,” the officer said.

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