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2 rapes reported in one Trotwood neighborhood has residents on edge

TROTWOOD — Two rapes were reported last week in a Trotwood neighborhood.

“I mean it’s scary. It’s a quiet neighborhood. This is a quiet block. I’ve been over here a couple years and we’ve never had anything like that happen around here,” Tina Phillips said.

One of the rapes was reported Dec. 3 on Curundu Avenue.

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The second was reported Dec. 5 on Runyon Avenue.

No arrests have been made.

News Center 7 first got tips over the weekend about rapes reported, but on Monday, Trotwood police said they had “no report of these crimes.” However, police records obtained Wednesday showed there were reports filed on Dec. 3 and Dec. 4, days before we contacted police.

Trotwood police documents show the assailant, who was armed with a gun in both attacks, did not force his way into the homes.

“I mean, it’s scary. I mean you got to make sure all your doors and windows is locked at all times,” Phillips said.

The attacker was wearing a mask in one incident, and gloves in the other.

News Center 7 has not been able to confirm with Trotwood police whether detectives believe the same man is responsible for both rapes.

Phillips said she has noticed police on her block more often since the two rapes reported last week.

“They ride through but I been noticing like sitting around patrolling a lot heavier lately,” she said.

In the meantime, Phillips said she’s taking steps to protect herself and her family, and she hopes police catch a suspect before there’s a third time.

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