Dayton Shooting: Hotlines, meet site set up for families of Oregon District victims

The police department has opened the Convention Center, which is near the Oregon District, for family members and friends who were disconnected from their family members and friends during the shooting.

DAYTON — Dayton police have opened the Dayton Convention Center as a place for resources to help those affected by the shooting in the Oregon District.

Friends or family members of people who were in the area of the shooting can get information at the convention center, 22 E. Fifth St. in Dayton.  Family members and friends can dial the following numbers for information:

  • 937-333-8431
  • 937-333-8421
  • 937-333-8428
  • 937-333-8436
  • 937-333-8430

News Center 7’s Mike Campbell has been reporting from the convention center. He reports that police are allowing family and friends in, but are asking that only family or friends come there for information.