Police: Man caught hiding in convenience store says the door was open

Two men were found hiding behind the counter of a Dayton convenience store early Thursday morning and arrested for allegedly breaking in to steal cigarettes.

According to a Dayton Police incident report, dispatch received a call that several people were breaking into the Convenient Food Mart at 405 Xenia Avenue.

When police arrived, officers saw that the lock and door to the building had been damaged, appearing to have been pried open, and officers believed they could hear someone inside.

They entered to find Brandon Lee Jackson, 32, and William Terrell, 54, hiding behind the counter where the cigarettes are kept.

Terrell had four packs of Newport cigarettes in his coat pocket, according to the police report.

Both men were arrested. A witness said there had also been a female with them, but she left before police arrived.

Terrell told police that he saw some other people leaving the building and that when he arrived, the door was open so he went in to get some cigarettes, according to the report.

Both men are being held in the Montgomery County Jail and are charged with breaking and entering.

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