Dayton speed cameras: Appeals start as 14,000 tickets issued

DAYTON — The city of Dayton has issued more than 14,000 tickets since early November to drivers caught speeding by the city’s mobile speed cameras.

Tonight was the first time people ticketed could try to get them thrown out.

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There were 15 people who signed up to appeal their speed camera tickets, but only six showed up.

One woman proved she was not behind the wheel, so her ticket would be reissued to her daughter.

Another man had a complex scientific explanation to dispute that he was traveling in excess of a 40 mph zone.

“With both physics and quantum physics I can explain to you how I was not going 55 mph even though you have that image,” Eberechukwu Cooper said.

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Cooper said the camera captured only one point of view, and it was the wrong one.

“Basically the traffic lights because they are using photons to detect their targets they have a fatal flaw,” he said.

In the end, his explanation did not move the court.

“They didn't consider proven physics or quantum physics that I argued my case against.

“They didn't want truth. They wanted $85.”

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