Director of drug/alcohol rehab center has recent alcohol-related arrests on his record

DAYTON — The leader of New Horizons Therapeutic Services, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Montgomery County, has multiple arrests on his record, some just within the last year.

News Center 7's Molly Koweek digs deeper into this case and why investigators did not charge him with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Two police reports from Trotwood and Dayton incidents tell similar stories.

Police say Terry Hill Jr., the executive director of New Horizons, was caught intoxicated while in control of a car. Not once, but twice in the past year.

When Koweek went to the facility on North Main Street to speak with Hill, he shut the door.

Hill later spoke over the phone, and admitted to a July arrest, saying he’d had a few drinks and was tired so he pulled over to sleep but says he wasn’t drunk.

A Trotwood police report tells a different story, saying his car was “in the median.”

The vehicle wasn’t running, but the keys were in the ignition.

The officer said when they asked Hill why he was parked there, “he answered that he was going to his hotel here” and pointed at a nearby nursing home.

The officer said Hill tried to hand over his debit card instead of his driver's license.

And, the report showed he failed two of three sobriety tests.

He was arrested for being in physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and later was found guilty.

Hill’s run-in with the law just six months later has a similar narrative.

It shows University of Dayton police officers found him sleeping in his car in a parking lot, and this time the car was running.

The officer said when she woke up Hill, he said “She’s fine, she’s fine. She is running around here. She is so funny.”

And, police said he smelled of alcohol, slurred his speech and had glassy eyes.

He was arrested for OVI and later found guilty of a lesser charge of having phyisical control while intoxicated.

At New Horizons Therapeutic Services today, staff said Hill was unavailable for an interview.

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