COVID-19 putting mental and physical strain on healthcare workers

With a significant number of the patients checking into Miami Valley Hospital testing positive for COVID-19, nurses and respiratory therapists are being challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Rachel Roberts, an ICU nurse on the Intensive Care Unit Covid Floor at MVH, spoke out about what it is like caring for patients when they are at their sickest point.

“You know how scary it has to be for them, they’re isolated in a room with the door shut and the only people coming in don’t look like people because we’re covered head to toe,” said Roberts.

“At the end of our shifts, we’re so emotionally distraught that we cry,” said Ami Ballachino, another ICU nurse,

MHV Respiratory therapist, Jessica Linder, described her experience with working with COVID-19 patients by simply stating that “There are things that...No words can describe.”

Despite intense work shifts that take a toll on these health care workers both physically and mentally, they still love their jobs but urge others to continue wearing masks and social distancing.

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