Coronavirus: Some Wendy’s forced to remove burgers from menu, stores rationing sale of meat

The coronavirus pandemic has caused some companies to experience meat shortages and Wendy’s is not exception.

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Various Wendy’s locations in Kentucky, South Carolina and Kentucky pulled burgers form their menu Monday siting issues with their meat processing suppliers, according to our National Content Desk.

The Wendy’s on Dorothy Lane in Kettering has a sign posted in their drive-thru addressing potential shortages.

The Wendy’s on Woodman Drive and in Centerville do not appear to be experiencing any meat shortages.

Reports of meat shortages in grocery stores have also surfaced causing stores to ration the sale of some meat products per customer.

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“At this time, we’be added purchase limits only on ground beef and fresh pork,” said a Kroger spokesperson.

Kroger also said they feel they are able to maintain a broad assortment of meat and seafood because they purchase protein from a diverse network of suppliers.

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