Coronavirus: Ohio bridal shop owner is suing Dr. Amy Acton over stay-at-home order

Wedding Dress Shop Suing Dr Acton

COLUMBUS — Gov. Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton officially implemented Ohio’s stay-at-home order March 24 to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but some business owners, including one Ohio bridal shop owner, were not pleased about the decision.

Tanya Hartman is suing Ohio’s State Health Director, Amy Acton, claiming that forcing her to shut down her shop violates her constitutional rights.

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The lawsuit argues that the bridal shop is in the middle of its busiest season and being forced to close for a month could force the place to close permanently, according to our partners at CBS.

Ohio’s stay-at-home order was set to continue until April 6, but was then extended to May 1.

A judge is scheduled to hear the suit Monday.

In the event of another pandemic, Hartman’s lawyers say they believe every business should get a hearing before they’re forced to shut down.