Coronavirus: Yellow Spring officials urge people to stay home

Yellow Springs — Electronic signs now greet motorists as they travel into the Village of Yellow Springs. They were put there in late March to discourage visitors after Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a stay-at-home. The following weekend thousands of people visited the Greene County community to walk its trails and visit its parks.

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"It wasn't obvious to us until late March when we had a couple of days with good weather. A lot of people were in town and our lots were full and it was impossible to do social distancing or what I like to call physical distancing, " said Village Manager Josue Salmeron.

The Village Manager told News Center 7 the decision to cancel the Yellow Springs Street Fair, which was scheduled for June, was not an easy decision but a necessary one. He said as many as 20,000 people attend the popular summer event.

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“We have to give our local businesses and the entire community a chance to recover with as little stress as possible rather than hold an event that would bring tens-of-thousands of people to town. When the restrictions are lifted, Yellow Springs will be ready and in position to welcome back folks to enjoy the shops, restaurants, and trails we all love”, said Salmeron.

In addition to putting up signs, the Village has also limited public parking in an effort to cut down on the number of visitors. The Village Manager says police officers are also warning large groups to go home.

"You know us. It's Yellow Springs. We're welcoming", said Salmeron. "We want to talk. We think we can solve things through effective communication and solve any problems. Our first response is to engage. Hey. We're in a stay-at-home order. Keep your distance. If we see groups we issue verbal warnings and as in many things that is all that's required", Salmeron said.

Salmeron told News Center 7 he expects to remove the electronic signs posted in the village when Governor DeWine lifts the stay-at-home order. He also said the village is already planning the Yellow Springs Street Fair that is held in October.