Coronavirus: Local weddings postponed after ban on mass gatherings

If rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck, what does a global pandemic mean?

Couples in the Miami Valley are being forced to cancel or postpone their weddings, after Governor Mike DeWine announced a ban on mass gatherings over 50 people.

Though some couples are still going back and forth on how to proceed, Shawna Burns and James Morton were forced into a decision when their Miamisburg venue closed indefinitely.

“It was crushing for her,” the groom told News Center 7’s Molly Koweek.

Angela Lempke, wedding coordinator for Magnolia Estate, had to contact 35 couples in one day to give the bad news.

“The hospitality industry has been hit so hard,” says Kathy Piech-Lukas with Perfect Wedding Guide.

She recommends that before couples panic and cancel completely, they contact their vendors to see if they can reschedule instead.

“Call you vendor team-- your venue, your DJ, your photographer, and your florist. See what common days they have open between July and October.”

If there’s one thing Miami Valley brides and grooms should agree on, it’s better late than never.

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